About Jockular

Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel from the Netherlands since 1984

vader Coppens
Father Coppens

We grew up with dogs, and -when I started my own family with Jan, my husband- we decided to have our own dog.
Dogs have always been a part of our families.
Our parents were breeders of Greyhounds, Dutch Shorthaired Shepherds, Great Danes, Cocker Spaniels and German Shepherds.


In 1983 we became acquainted with the Rhodesian ridgeback.

We started showing soon after with our dog Jock. Jock was very succesfull, he collected all possible titles and won Winner Amsterdam four years in a row.
Rydgeway African Dawn was the first female we seriously bred from.

Ridgeway African Dawn
Ridgeway African Dawn

Multi Champion “Jock” and multi Champion “Rydgeway African Dawn” are the founders of the “Jockular”-kennel.
The most important bloodlines we have used are Glenaholm, Rydgeway, Mushana, Sarula, Makaranga, Kwezi v.h. Maasjesfles and Villagedogs.

Many of the Jockular ridgebacks have become champions and many have been group winners. Five times a Jockular was best in show. Several Jockular’s (4) gained World Champion titles, gained 14 Winner Amsterdam titles. Until now 33 Jockular's became Champion.

Jockular Jamal Aquamarin
CH. Jockular Jamal Aquamarin
Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka
CH. Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka

In 2003 Jockular Jamal Aquamarin was best of breed at Crufts in England.

In 2014 Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka was best of breed at Crufts.
Since 1984 we have been members of the Dutch Rhodesian ridgeback Club RRCN. Since 2013 we are member of NRRV.
During that period Jan was the club’s secretary for five years and their president in the period 2000-2003.
We also since 1984 have been member of “De Kempen” Kennel Club, one of the oldest (since 1922) and most important all-breeds kennelclubs in the Netherlands. Jan was a board member for seventeen years as vice president and president of this club.
From 2009 – 2011 he was the president of  CVW (Sighthound race and coursing commission in the Netherlands). He has made a substantial contribution to the European Championship coursing in the Netherlands (EKC – Estate BAEST 2011).
Since 2013 member of Kennel Club Waalwijk, Jan is in the showteam of ‘Brabants Rashonden Festival’.
Royal Kennel Club Cynophilia has invited Jan as a member since 2015.

2013, President of the Dutch Kennel Club Mr. Gerard Jipping awarded me the Silver Honorary pin.
2013, President of the Dutch Kennel Club Mr. Gerard Jipping awarded me the Silver Honorary pin.

I recieved the pin of honor from the Dutch Kennelclub ‘Raad van Beheer’ in 2013 for succesfull breeding.

In 1990 Jan became exterior judge. He is qualified to judge in F.C.I.-group 6 (scenthounds) & F.C.I.-group 10 (sighthounds) as well Mediterranean hounds F.C.I.-group 5, American Akita, Shiba, Chow Chow and Basenji. Considering behaviour, our breed is still in the spotlight. Therefore, in 1992, Jan started a course at Utrecht Veterinary University for behaviour judge. We have the opinion it is most important for an exterior judge to have some knowledge of dogs’ behaviour as well.
Since 1992 he is also active in educating dog fanciers in cynological knowledge. Jan is examiner for the Dutch Kennelclub. I also was educated by him and have obtained the official diploma that makes me qualified kennel holder.
Jan has written articles for Dutch dog magazines and has illustrated several books published by the Dutch kennelclub.
1991 he was the author of the first Dutch book about the breed: Rhodesian ridgebacks in the Netherlands 1945-1991.
In 2002 a second book was published by ‘Over Dieren’ (about animals) partly written by Jan.

I have never had many ridgebacks in my kennel.

Luna, Max and Noa

For the moment there are three ridgebacks in Jockulars home: Champion Jockular Esquire Jamal (Max), Champion Jockular Lady Leandra (Noa) and Jockular Kiana (Luna).

The kennel’s name “JOCKULAR” reminds of our first ridgeback “JOCK” and means cheerful, clownish and optimistic.

We try in our own modest way to contribute to the preservation of the breed, to breed ridgebacks with a balanced character, an excellent health and athletic attractive exterior.
We go for quality, not for quantity!

Mrs. Carla Coppens-Janssens.


Jan en Carla